Reasonable Spraying Solutions like Brake Cleaner Maintenance Spray, Chain Cleaner Spray, Silencer Coating Spray, Our USP!

Hot Products
  • Chain Lubricant Synthetic Spray
    AEROFOR Chain Lubricant Spray is specifically formulated to meet the exacting lubrication requirements of chain drives. Chain Lubrication Spray penetrates foaming action draws the lubricant to the pins and bushings of a chain where lubrication is most needed. It quickly displaces moisture and contaminants, while preventing rust and corrosion AEROFOR Chain Lubricant Spray is recommended for all applications where an adhesive oil lubricant is needed. Lubricates well in extremes of heat & cold. Stays put under friction and heat.
  • Battery Termination Spray
    AEROFOR Battery Terminal Protector and Sealer Coating Spray, will Protects from Sulphonation, Improves Contact Efficiency &Increase Battery Life, specially used in Batteries, Cables, Terminals, Connectors and its benefits are Eliminates the formation of acid salt corrosion, Forms a uniform protective coating and sealing, Fast drying and reduces maintenance time, Protects terminal and connectors against moisture, Maintain the batteries peak performance level, Extends Battery life, Blue colour provides easy visual inspection of application
  • Carburetor Injector Cleaner Spray
    AEROFOR CARBURETTOR & INJECTOR CLEANER :- Cleaning metal surfaces from grease, dirt and oil. e.g. carburetor housing etc. also suitable for all petrol engine with or without catalytic converter and turbo chargers. A specially added rust protector provides a fine protective film which prevents metal surfaces from corroding.
Most Popular Products
Chain Brake Cleaner Maintenance Spray
AEROFOR Chain/ Brake Cleaner Spray is cleaning and de-greasing spray that has powerful cleaning characteristics and dries rapidly without leaving any residue.
Anti Rust Maintenance Spray
AEROFOR ANTI-RUST SPRAY Removes adhesives, bugs, tar and more. Cleans grease, grime and dirt. Protects tools and equipment from rust and corrosion. Penetrates stuck and rusted parts. Displaces moisture, restoring wet tools and equipment. Multi-purpose lubricant reduces friction, displaces moisture, removes grease and grime, and protects metal from rust and corrosion. Petroleum-based formula can be used on most materials, excluding polycarbonate and clear polystyrene. Smart straw offers the option of a precision stream or fan-shaped spray into machinery etc. Corrosion protection continues even after the lubricant has dried
About Us

Luxurious and comfortable human life is normal in the world owing to the inventions and developments in diverse technology fields. The life of today is seem to be surrounded with so many modern solutions, and one of which is, Aerosol Technology of Spraying. At our company, famously known as D & D Impex, we are contributing in accentuating the performance of this cited technology-Aerosol Technology of Spraying, for benefiting humanity as whole. 

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